User Profiles

Investigate Users and Entities to Unearth Real Threats

Investigate Users and Entities

  • Focus investigation on specific users and entities with detailed visualization of individuals, risk implications and numerous forms of comparative analysis.
  • Consolidate critical security and user profile data from existing platforms and HR systems to understand threat potential compared to other users.
  • Dive into numerous underlying visualizations, workflows and Action Plans to advance investigation and launch responsive activities.
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RF.Users.RiskVectors.zoom – 2018

Compare and Contrast Threat Indicators

  • Leverage advanced behavioral analytics and comparative analysis to pinpoint truly abnormal behaviors across numerous security and policy vectors.
  • Perform detailed comparative peer analysis of specific users and entities related to individuals and machines with similar profiles, such shared managerial oversight.
  • Add or remove individual vectors in an interactive fashion to further tailor investigation to specific vectors and understand patterns that represent known threat models.

Rank Risky Users and Entities

  • Automatically calculate the risk score and likelihood of threat impact of specific incidents, related to users and entities, to further inform responsive actions.
  • Continuously monitor changes to user and entity behaviors that indicate spikes in activity that highlight emerging insider threats or external attacks.
  • Perform advanced investigation and targeted remediation driven by specific types of threats to the organization, placing priority on any known problems.
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Critique Problematic Events

  • Highlight specific event details, along with security and threat factors, to guide subsequent user investigation and incident remediation workflows.
  • Scrutinize automatically generated relational visualizations that pinpoint the connection between specific users and events, and any related impacts.
  • Drill through any element of event dashboards and visualizations to access fine grain details necessary to enable related remediation.

Detailed Scenario Timelines

  • Carve out threat scenario timelines to understand the full scope of user and entity behaviors, across multiple incidents, policies and vectors.
  • Further elaborate understanding of evolving behaviors and events to gain a broad understanding of risky behaviors and potential intentions.
  • Launch further investigation and related remediation steps based on any specific area of reported behavior or incidents to perform targeted risk mitigation.
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CASE STUDY: Real-World Success

Learn how a global payments leader leveraged Risk Fabric alongside its existing security infrastructure to identify and mitigate inside threats, without adding related headcount.

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