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Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric – Amplifying the Value of Data Protection
Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric delivers advanced analytics and automated capabilities that optimize your organization’s existing resources, from human analysts to existing security infrastructure.
Bay Dynamics and IBM Resilient
Security Analytics and Orchestration Integration Demo
Detecting a Cyber Breach with Risk Fabric
Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric integrates and analyzes information from platforms including DLP, endpoint security and CASB, among others, leveraging advanced UEBA to provide unparalleled visibility into emerging cyber breach incidents.
Addressing Malicious Insider Threat
Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric delivers automated visualization and prioritization of malicious insiders. Risk Fabric empowers security teams with persona-based investigation, contextual peer analysis, and prescriptive remediation recommendations.
7 Things UEBA Detects
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is picking up steam among organizations across industries of all sizes. A survey by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group reveals only 6% of 400+ cyber security pros have no plans to deploy machine learning/AI technologies for cybersecurity analytics and operations, which would include UEBA. That means the vast majority have UEBA on their radar.
Simplifying DLP Triage & Remediation
Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric was purpose-built to optimize DLP. Risk Fabric helps organizations accelerate incident management, simplify remediation, and streamline policy management.
Security Current Podcast: Bay Dynamic's CEO, Feris Rifai Discusses UBA
In this podcast produced by Security Current, IBM Global CISO of Cloud & SaaS Operations, David Cass interviews Bay Dynamics CEO & Co-Founder, Feris Rifai on the topic of User Behavior Analytics (UBA).