Threat Matrix

Prioritize Threats to Accelerate Investigation and Response

Identify and Prioritize Threats

  • Rapidly identify leading threats to your organization’s protected information through automatic prioritization and clear visualization of those users and entities that represent risks.
  • Determine which threats require immediate investigation and remediation based on cross-referencing of user, threat type and related data security impacts.
  • Launch responsive workflows by clicking directly from any highlighted element into detailed threat descriptions, visualizations and related Action Plans.
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Calculate Threat Impacts

  • Pinpoint the specific likelihood and manner of impact that individual users and entities can have on your environment, from data loss to compliance violations
  • Isolate specific users and entities that have triggered multiple data security impacts and demand immediate attention to remediate multi-factor incidents and threats.
  • Drill through to underlying dashboards that offer end-to-end risk model and impact details including related time lines, kill chains and recommended actions.

Rank Risky Users and Entities

  • Rank individual users and entities based on their calculated risk to the organization to drive subsequent investigation and response workflows.
  • Prioritize responsive actions based on calculation and visualization of threat criticality to the organization, based on each user or entity.
  • Jump directly into detailed user and entity threat dashboards to conduct multi-stage investigation and remediation activities to mitigate related risks.
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Sort Risks by Model

  • Classify threats by individual risk model and instance to inform responsive actions and understand overall data security exposure patterns.
  • Target current exposure to specific threats to pinpoint investigation and remediation of emerging threats, including known malware attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Invoke a model-based approach to threat response including model frequency, drilling down to the user or entity level to enact targeted remediation.

Drill Down Investigation

  • Drill through every element of the Threat Matrix landing page to access detailed user, incident and risk model details that enable investigation and response.
  • Engage a multi-facet, cross-stakeholder approach to investigation, supported by role-based access, to ensure that every threat is effectively understood and handled.
  • Customize every dashboard and view of Risk Fabric, including the Threat Matrix, to align with your organization’s unique data security requirements.
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CASE STUDY: Real-World Success

Read how one of the world’s leading media and telecom services providers leveraged Risk Fabric to prioritize risks and automate critical security processes.

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