Security Operations Centers

Connecting the dots so you can be proactive – the challenge SOC teams face every day. But tons of disparate data means manually piecing things together, hoping to uncover clues, indicators, and patterns.

Risk Fabric automates this heavy lifting, so analysts can focus on taking action. Risk Fabric® integrates with existing cyber defense infrastructure and IT systems to automatically establish baseline behavior for both users and devices. Its powerful analytics prioritizes anomalies by impact, and delivers precise instructions that analysts of all levels can act on.

Data Exfiltration From Internal or External Attack

Risk Fabric integrates assessment of policy violations across DLP, endpoint and cloud systems, along with application of user analytics, to detail the full context around a data exfiltration scheme that might have been carried out by a disgruntled worker.

If there is evidence of a compromised system or account resulting from malware infection, combined with a high-risk DLP policy incident, Risk Fabric synthesizes these factors to drive visualization and mitigation of an externally-driven attack.

Multi-Vector Investigation

Risk Fabric ingests and analyzes evidence of abnormal behaviors and compromised activities across endpoints, networks and the cloud – the clues of a multi-stage malware attack – to paint the full picture of cross-channel breach attempts. 

Automated Action Plans

Risk Fabric generates detailed Action Plans that determine and communicate required actions for every stakeholder and track end-to-end workflow resolution. This enables SOC teams to both initiate mitigation workflows across multiple security and line-of-business teams, and track progress to resolution.

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