Calculating Financial Impact to Drive Decision Making

Based on Detected Threats & Vulnerabilities

All parts of the enterprise face the same cyber security challenge – prioritization. Security Operations Centers are overwhelmed with threat alerts. Application owners are flooded with endless lists of vulnerabilities. Security leaders and boards of directors are faced with a barrage of security products. How can these critical stakeholders prioritize which threat alerts to investigate, vulnerabilities to patch, and security technologies to invest in first and foremost?

Risk Fabric’s Application Value At Risk solution is calculated by analyzing user behavior, vulnerabilities and indicators of attack/compromise, quantifying the potential for each application to be exploited, and multiplying it with the application’s financial loss impact. The platform then tells stakeholders what actions to take to reduce the application value at risk the most, and shows how much risk they removed from the business due to their actions.


The Bay Dynamics® Risk Fabric® platform enables enterprises to take the guesswork out of security by identifying the most impactful actions based on actual dollar amounts that could be lost if an application were compromised.

Understanding which security exposures could cause the most financial damage to the enterprise drives prioritized remediation and more effective decision making.

Application Value at Risk Solution Sample Use Cases


Value Based Vulnerability Prioritization

  • Risk Fabric calculates a CVSS Environmental Score of all vulnerabilities associated to an application to quantify each application vulnerability exposure at a given time and prioritize remediation based on the value at risk.
  • Executives can use the CVSS Environmental Score to create burndown charts, track the progress of vulnerability programs, set benchmarks, compare teams and more.

Measuring Remediation ROI

  • Risk Fabric shows the decrease in value at risk associated to the remediation of a given vulnerability. The platform ranks vulnerabilities with the highest return in value at risk mitigation.

Mitigating a Compromise

  • Risk Fabric highlights the users, malware and behaviors that are contributing the most to an application risk potential so that responders know who/which events to investigate immediately.

Communicating Risk to the Board

  • By mapping actual dollar amount potential loss values to risk reduction actions and decisions, security leaders can communicate in the same language as the board of directors – business impact and risk.

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With Risk Fabric, you get:

  • A calculated application value at risk dollar amount to continuously quantify the level of financial risk associated to an application at any given time, based on actual conditions in your environment
  • Prioritized remediation actions and investment decisions based on the value at risk
  • Metrics and scorecards that validate the amount of risk removed from the business due to specific mitigation actions

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