Pinpoint Multi-Stage Threats

Defending against the massive array of security threats faced by today’s organizations is a demanding job, encompassing efforts to identify and thwart both internal and external attacks. Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric offers a unique data and user-centric approach to threat prevention, providing advanced capabilities to unearth problematic incidents that span numerous platforms and events.

The Problem with Multi-Stage Threats

Today’s subtle and distributed threat mechanisms seek to play on gaps that exist between security platforms and processes and attempt to slip through the cracks. Whether it’s slow and low malware attacks that sit dormant until certain conditions arise, or users that may know where blind spots exist, identifying these elusive patterns is arguably practitioners’ biggest challenge. Regardless of how well security infrastructure is implemented, potential weak points will always persist.

Behavioral Analytics that Pinpoint Attacks

Advanced user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) that integrate with the full breadth of existing security platforms and policies to identify truly risky incidents occurring across numerous vectors provides a compelling solution. By ingesting, correlating and analyzing behavioral data across the entire ecosystem to identify abnormal and problematic issues, threats can be unearthed and prevented.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric provides integrated analytics, backed by powerful machine learning, to pinpoint and escalate those emerging threats that demand immediate investigation. Further, through automated remediation steps and kill chain-based workflows, response is massively accelerated.

Detailed incident analysis and kill chain intervention
Too Many Solutions, Too Many Problems: Overcoming the Security Risks Incurred by Employing Disjointed Solutions

Strategic Workflows

  • Threat Modelling
  • Adaptive Investigation
  • Kill Chain Intervention
  • Action Plans and Response

Establishing patterns distributed across multiple behaviors and platforms allows practitioners to identify problematic incidents and their potential implications, thereby pinpointing the very nature of threats.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric provides integrated analysis and determination of specific threat models, including both human and malware-based incidents, delivering automated classification and risk scoring, along with the ability to create and retain additional models to isolate specific threats.

Once threat incidents are escalated for investigation, analysts require dedicated capabilities to dive into every related issue, while focusing their time on those details that provide conclusive evidence.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric enables human experts to drill into and review every pertinent aspect of each incident, including potential impacts triggered across distributed platforms and events. Backed by a drag and drop interface and supervised machine learning, investigation is constantly improved and adapted.

Understanding precisely how and where to enact targeted actions that limit risk exposure is another key element of enacting targeted mitigation of emerging threats.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric offers a highly adaptive and targeted kill-chain type visualization and remediation interface that allows practitioners to identify the specific point in any chain of events that represents the most strategic opportunity for threat remediation.

Multi-stage threats that span numerous vectors typically require responsive actions distributed across multiple systems and stakeholders to ensure effective remediation.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric generates automated remediation recommendations and customizable Action Plans that allow stakeholders across the organization, from security teams to remediation experts and even line of business officials, to adopt a consistent, closed loop approach to threat response.

Real-World Success
Read how one of the world’s leading media and telecom services providers leveraged Risk Fabric to prioritize risks and automate many critical security processes.

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