Offset the Talent Shortage

Empowering your existing staff and any newly available talent to make the most of their time and resources is a pervasive challenge across IT security. Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric represents a highly automated solution backed by advanced machine learning that enables security analysts of all skill and experience levels to perform critical threat analysis and targeted risk response.

The Ever-Increasing Skills Gap

Perhaps no challenge in IT security has been as widely documented as the persistent skills gap, with experienced threat analysts and responders among those professionals in greatest demand. Given the current climate of attacks and the complexity of traditional investigation techniques, this specific aspect of the talent shortage only continues to become more acute. As a result, organizations are pressed to make the most of available expertise and somehow attempt to cover more ground.

Automated Threat Analysis and Response

Highly automated threat analytics and remediation workflows represent a powerful method of leveraging technical capabilities to optimize and extend the productivity of existing expertise. Supported by both supervised and unsupervised machine learning, user and data-centric behavioral analysis capabilities allow for prioritized escalation and response to emerging threats.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric provides continuous and targeted threat analysis, supported by highly intuitive visualizations and workflows, enabling everyone from experienced analysts and remediation teams to newly trained staff and non-security officials to accelerate and improve data protection.

Automated threat analysis that empowers rapid response
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Strategic Workflows

  • Automated Analysis
  • Targeted Assessment
  • Remediation Recommendations
  • Action Plans

Rapid identification and escalation of the most critical threats to data security enables available staff to make the biggest impact, especially when backed by automated remediation workflows.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric provides continuous prioritization of user and data-centric threats emerging across distributed security platforms and policies, allowing staff to execute automated investigation and maintain detailed visibility into those incidents that demand immediate response.

Automated investigation, backed by supervised machine learning that continuously adapts to analyst input, offers a breakthrough capability to tackle the issue of highly manual incident analysis.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric offers clear, prioritized visibility into emerging threats with highly intuitive and automated investigation into numerous aspects of each incident. Automated and customizable workflows further accelerate the ability to rapidly carry out conclusive investigation.

Accelerating the risk remediation process is a goal of nearly every organization, as improvements appreciated in these workflows create additional opportunities to cover more ground.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric leverages advanced machine learning and automation to automatically generate detailed remediation recommendations for nearly every incident, enabling analysts of all skill levels to quickly take action and connect with other stakeholders to drive remediation.

Enacting threat response and risk remediation is often a complex set of tasks shared across numerous stakeholders, from IT security to vulnerability management and even line of business.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric offers the unique ability to create highly visual and detailed Action Plans that allow investigators and incident responders to map out required actions and connect with every pertinent official to ensure that remediation is performed in a centralized, closed-loop fashion.

Real-World Success
Learn how a global medical device manufacturer leveraged Risk Fabric to target DLP incident investigation and dramatically shorten the policy review process.

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