Identifying Insider Threats

Prioritizing Insider Investigations

Today’s insider threat landscape is multi-faceted. It includes malicious and non-malicious insiders, which can be employees or third party vendor users. It also includes privileged accounts, compromised accounts, high value systems and critical applications. A comprehensive insider threat & investigation program focuses on all threats and vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise of your organization’s most critical IT systems and data assets.

Insider Threats Includes:

The Bay Dynamics® Risk Fabric® platform identifies & prioritizes the top insider threats to an organization’s most valued assets.

Risk Fabric engages line-of-business application owners to qualify threat alerts so that only the most critical threats are sent to the Security Operations Center for investigation.

  • Prioritized list of users with malicious behavior
  • Detailed anomalous behavior reports and evidence
  • Automated Incident Remediation - escalation, training, and bulk remediation

Insider Threat Program Sample Use Cases


Malicious Insider

  • Data Exfiltration – low and slow or bursts data leak
  • Detecting unusual user behavior and comparing to peers with the same manager and organizational unit
  • Detecting compromised user credentials showing malicious activity

Third Party Vendor Risk

  • Identifying unusual vendor user behavior
  • Automatically delivers that information to vendors, driving self-governance
  • Prioritize riskiest vendors based on both external and internal vendor activity

Assets at Risk

  • Exploitable high value assets – systems and applications
  • Vulnerabilities and Configuration Issues
  • Threat intelligence association with most vulnerable assets

Non-Malicious Insider

  • Users violating business policies
  • Repeat offenders in need for awareness training
  • Just-In-Time Awareness Training module to reduce violations

Compromised Accounts

  • Attack infiltration from outside to inside organization
  • Outside attack compromising inside user and system accounts
  • Lateral movement identification

High Privilege Access

  • High privilege activity monitoring
  • Observed high privilege behavior for regular users
  • Privileged account abuse by risky users

Cloud Services Behavior

  • Access and monitoring of cloud user activity
  • Policy violations for cloud usage

Physical Access Monitoring

  • Unusual user activity correlated with physical access
  • Physical badge authentication behavior

Fraud Reporting

  • Integrated view of fraud and insider threat
  • Integrated with enterprise fraud / AML

Learn more about how Risk Fabric is helping enterprises identify, prioritize & mitigate the most severe threats before it’s too late.

With Risk Fabric, you get:

  • A prioritized list of users – both employees and third party vendors – whose behaviors are elevating your cyber risk level
  • Automated investigation and remediation capabilities - escalation, training, and bulk remediation
  • Consistent, top-down view of security and risk across IT teams, line of business leaders, and the C-suite
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