Identifying Insider Threats

Prioritizing Insider Investigations

Today’s insider threat landscape is multi-faceted. It includes malicious and non-malicious insiders, which can be employees or third party vendor users. It also includes privileged accounts, compromised accounts, high value systems and critical applications. A comprehensive insider threat & investigation program focuses on all threats and vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise of your organization’s most critical IT systems and data assets.

Insider Threats Includes:

The Bay Dynamics® Risk Fabric® platform identifies & prioritizes the top insider threats to an organization’s most valued assets.

Risk Fabric engages line-of-business application owners to qualify threat alerts so that only the most critical threats are sent to the Security Operations Center for investigation.

    Insider Threat Program Sample Use Cases


    Malicious Insider

    • Data Exfiltration – low and slow or bursts data leak
    • Detecting unusual user behavior and comparing to peers with the same manager and organizational unit
    • Detecting compromised user credentials showing malicious activity

    Third Party Vendor Risk

    • Identifying unusual vendor user behavior
    • Automatically delivers that information to vendors, driving self-governance
    • Prioritize riskiest vendors based on both external and internal vendor activity

    Assets at Risk

    • Exploitable high value assets – systems and applications
    • Vulnerabilities and Configuration Issues
    • Threat intelligence association with most vulnerable assets

    Non-Malicious Insider

    • Users violating business policies
    • Repeat offenders in need for awareness training
    • Just-In-Time Awareness Training module to reduce violations

    Compromised Accounts

    • Attack infiltration from outside to inside organization
    • Outside attack compromising inside user and system accounts
    • Lateral movement identification

    High Privilege Access

    • High privilege activity monitoring
    • Observed high privilege behavior for regular users
    • Privileged account abuse by risky users

    Cloud Services Behavior

    • Access and monitoring of cloud user activity
    • Policy violations for cloud usage

    Physical Access Monitoring

    • Unusual user activity correlated with physical access
    • Physical badge authentication behavior

    Fraud Reporting

    • Integrated view of fraud and insider threat
    • Integrated with enterprise fraud / AML

    Learn more about how Risk Fabric is helping enterprises identify, prioritize & mitigate the most severe threats before it’s too late.

    With Risk Fabric, you get:

    • A prioritized list of users – both employees and third party vendors – whose behaviors are elevating your cyber risk level
    • Automated investigation and remediation capabilities - escalation, training, and bulk remediation
    • Consistent, top-down view of security and risk across IT teams, line of business leaders, and the C-suite
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