Detect Unusual Behavior

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric delivers the most advanced and data-centric approach to user and entity behavior analytics yet conceived. By integrating directly with deployed security infrastructure and leveraging those data sources and policies to understand user-based threats to critical data, we offer the unique ability to pinpoint emerging risks while leveraging your existing investments.

Today’s Biggest Obstacles to Data Security

Driven by the speed of evolving data security requirements within each environment, today’s organizations face a daunting task – employing existing tooling to prevent insider threats and breach incidents without hindering business. A combination of complex layered defenses and finite human expertise leaves practitioners fighting to maintain visibility and enact response. Translating available security data into actions that enable agility while warding off threats is a universal challenge.

Advanced UEBA to Stop Emerging Threats

The ultimate goal of UEBA is gaining detailed visibility into the complex relationship between user behaviors and your organization’s protected data to identify potential breach incidents. In nearly every scenario, existing security tools detect telltale clues of emerging threats, but too often these details get lost in an avalanche of security alerts and information.

That’s why Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric was purpose built to integrate with existing security infrastructure and focus on those specific interactions that represent real-world threats to protected data, directly supporting the targeted use cases that matter most within the context of your environment.

Prioritize behaviors that represent real threats
Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric

Targeted Use Cases

  • DLP Optimization
  • Uncover Insider Threats
  • Prevent Breaches
  • Maximize Resources and ROI

Data-centric UEBA provides the dedicated capabilities necessary to integrate, analyze and prioritize alerts produced by Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools, and other security infrastructure.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric was designed with the precise goal of enabling practitioners to apply integrated user and entity behavioral analytics to their existing DLP deployments and data to identify those incidents that matter most and constantly improve policies.

Malicious insiders and compromised entities represent one of the most troubling data security challenges today, driven by factors including IT complexity and increased cloud adoption.

To address this specific goal, Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric was developed to integrate with the wide array of security tools and user data repositories required to gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into emerging insider threats, and rapidly mitigate related issues.

Today’s pervasive, multi-stage data breach incidents most often occur across many layers of potential user activity, data protection and policies, thereby thwarting simple detection and resolution.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric was created to address this specific set of challenges, integrating with nearly every form of security system, across every manner of IT, to provide the centralized breach analytics and remediation workflows necessary to uncover and stop emerging threats.

The scarcity of experienced security analysts is an endemic issue on today’s IT landscape, as the expanse of related infrastructure and available data threatens to overwhelm even the most robust organizations.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric offers the precise combination of integrated analytics, delivered using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning, necessary to allow human experts to make the most out of their skills and existing resources.

Real-World Success
Read how one of the world’s leading media and telecom services providers leveraged Risk Fabric to prioritize risks and automate many critical security processes

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