CISO & C-suite

With the increasing impact of cyber security to the bottom line and reputation of every organization, it’s now a C-suite issue. The executive team wants CISOs to report on cyber security and risk posture in a consistent and understandable way to make informed, proactive decisions.

A broad mix of existing security infrastructure, siloed data collection methods, and mostly manual reporting hampers CISOs working to reliably track metrics, see posture shifts, uncover emerging threats and measure progress against plan like their peers.

The Risk Fabric platform develops a consistent, top down view of cyber metrics and posture using existing security defense telemetry, threat intel, and IT systems data. Advanced analytics delivers insightful analysis and actionable recommendations via role-base visualizations to departments and decision-makers across the organization.

Cyber Risk Quantification and Communication

Just like other critical operational areas, cyber risk and security organizations are now being asked to provide quantitative metrics, produced using an automated, consistent process. Just like a balance sheet or income statement, cyber risk metrics need to represent the same underlying data each and every quarter, so that changes can be presented consistently and reflect true trend behavior.

Threat and Risk Scorecards

Risk Fabric provides automated threat and risk scorecards, generated from the same telemetry used by the security, IT and operations teams. Detailed operational data is integrated into a common model that can be rolled up to produce understandable risk centric scorecards, even for non-security practitioners. Scorecards can include critical performance trends for users, devices, departments, and applications, and highlight security awareness trends versus actual user behavior.

Dashboards and Actions Plan for the Front Lines up to HQ

Everybody is working towards the same goal, but it’s hard to get on the same page. SOC investigators need a list of the threats prioritized by severity and potential loss impact. Business units want gaps identified in data protection coverage. Security leaders require a top down perspective highlighting their greatest risks, and associated potential loss so they can drive strategic and tactical improvements.

Risk Fabric gives CISOs an advanced analytics platform enabling collaboration across functions and departments to reduce silos, ensure consistent, reliable data and communication status and actions to all stakeholders

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