Business Stakeholders

As security becomes everyone’s responsibility, stakeholders across the organization are being asked to collaborate with the security team to protect the information they create. And as compliance mandates increase and expand, business unit and function leads need accurate and timely information about the specific data they’re responsible for.

To collaborate effectively, stakeholders and security teams need consistent, reliable and pertinent information, but only aggregate, out-of-date information compiled manually from disjointed systems is usually available. Most regulations are becoming more in-depth and detailed, and require extensive user, department, and organization level metrics & visualizations on very precise data sets.

Stakeholder Dashboards and Metrics

Risk Fabric provides complete transparency into a business unit’s cyber risks and the comparable posture of other business units. Stakeholders get personalized, actionable information, focused on critical incidents and alerts within valued assets under their governance, to enable expedient remediation of the most important issues.

Business Unit Security Posture

By measuring common business unit metrics consistently, Risk Fabric enables CISOs to provide an on-going view of the security environment to business unit leaders. This delivers clear value to the entire organization, and facilitates collaboration with peers and the security team to work towards self-managing their cyber risk reduction efforts based on the framework established by the CISO.

Collaboration Action Plans

Risk Fabric helps organizations convert analysis into action with a wide range of workflow options for assigning appropriate next steps and tracking progress towards completion. Action plan templates for individuals and departments follow industry best practices for assessment, investigation and remediation workflows, and integrate with popular incident management and tracking systems.

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