Board of Directors

Given the increasing bottom line and reputation impacts of cyber breaches, managing cyber risk is becoming a key responsibility of boards of directors. CISOs are being asked to regularly report on their organizations’ cyber security and risk posture so that the board can make informed decisions.

Boards speak the language of business, so cyber posture and threats need to be translated into business impact, potential loss, and actions taken to decrease loss. Cyber teams produce board reporting manually. Data is extracted from numerous operational systems, loaded into spreadsheets and then manually manipulated until the numbers line up.

Cyber Risk Visualization

Risk Fabric uses an automated, rigorous and consistent process to provide a top down view and metrics that can be tracked every day by those in the security and risk organization. CISOs can make this data available to corporate or functional stakeholders according to role, department or geography for a common understanding of metrics, trends, and indicators.

Cyber Risk Scorecard

Risk Fabric provides automated scorecards, generated from the same cyber risk data used by the security, IT and operations teams. Detailed operational data is integrated into a common model, traceable from top to bottom, that can be rolled up to produce understandable risk centric scorecards, even for non-security practitioners.

Connecting Executives and the Board

Risk Fabric gives executives a top down perspective that highlights their greatest risks, potential business loss from those risks, and how well the enterprise is being protected, so they can drive strategic and tactical improvements. To provide appropriate guidance, Boards of Directors can rely on this same information for insights into the lay of the land in business terms they can relate to.

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