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One of the greatest challenges in enterprise cyber risk management is to ensure alignment across various stakeholders within the organization. Cyber risk information needs to be communicated to many different stakeholders for different purposes. Depending on their specific role, executives and line-of-business application owners require a blend of business oriented and technical performance information. The combination of tens or hundreds of siloed security tools and highly complex business organizations, makes it extremely difficult for enterprises to produce a unified, understandable and effective cyber risk management program. Instead they end up piecing together manually compiled spreadsheets that most often do not align to information presented to other parts of the cyber security and risk organization.

Risk Fabric delivers security trends and performance dashboards for executive communication


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Risk Fabric provides a consistent integrated view of cyber security and risk, that is used as the basis for communication at all levels, ensuring everybody has understandable, consistent, accurate, traceable data available when they need it. Drillable audience specific dashboards integrate threats and vulnerabilities with value at risk, organizational and asset context, enriched with advanced analytics.

The platform enables stakeholders – from the security and compliance team to application owners to the board of directors – to view the right cyber risk metrics so that they understand how well they are protecting their valued assets at any point in time, can make informed risk reduction decisions and communicate in a language all parties understand.

From this common foundation, dashboards that communicate posture and performance can be generated at the enterprise, line-of-business or regional levels, providing the transparency that enables CISOs and CROs to hold their organizations accountable for results.


Security Trends and Performance Dashboards

Risk Fabric dashboards provide security trends and risk posture across the enterprise

  • Prioritized remediation recommendations based on potential loss value
  • Insider threat trends, including data exfiltration and behavioral trends
  • Vendor risk trends, including vendor risk profiles
  • Critical vulnerabilities prioritized by value at risk, regulatory oversight (e.g. PCI) or accessibility (e.g. internet facing infrastructure)
  • Security control assessment including coverage and health of security tools across assets
  • Non malicious repeat offender trends associated with security awareness, including number of violations, policies violated
  • Personalized line-of-business application owner data regarding vulnerabilities to high value applications under their governance


Risk Fabric dashboards provide performance metrics for business units across the enterprise, and line of business

  • Insider threats remediated by day, group or person
  • Time to address insider threats
  • Time to remediate critical vulnerabilities by asset category
  • Security awareness trends, including number of people trained and post training behavior
  • Amount of risk taken out of the business due to remediation actions

Bridging the Communication Gap between the Front Lines and Everyone Else

Everybody is trying to achieve the same goal – protect the enterprise’s most valued assets. However, to achieve that goal, all stakeholders must understand what they need to do to reduce cyber risk and effectively communicate with the ultimate decision makers – boards of directors. Whether it is the IT team, line-of-business leaders, C-Suite, or the boardroom, all parties need understandable, actionable cyber risk information and communicate with each other about their efforts. Risk Fabric bridges that communication gap, automatically delivering personalized and prioritized cyber risk information to the stakeholders responsible for remediation, and enables those on the front lines to communicate with those at the top through automated cyber risk reporting.

With Risk Fabric, you get:

  • Transparency that enables CISOs and CROs to hold their organizations accountable for results
  • Dashboards for security trends, performance metrics, and risk posture for the enterprise and line of business
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