Line of Business

Today’s line of business officials are increasingly involved in security and risk management strategy earlier and with greater frequency, as upfront handling of related concerns has become a priority. Security and risk management hurdles can no longer be ignored by the business, nor prevent improvements to organizational agility. Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric was created with this specific relationship between IT security risk management and business officials in mind, supporting the necessary partnership via capabilities including:

  • Dedicated dashboards and reports created specifically to communicate security and risk factors to business stakeholders – to provide the key information necessary to make improvements within the appropriate the language and context.
  • Closed loop risk mitigation Action Plans that provide a central form of communication and tracking related to any ongoing remediation activities – to include business owners and critical stakeholders in end-to-end IT risk response efforts.
  • Comparative analysis and reporting, related to specific sets of users, data and applications – allowing for trending of risk across the business organization and focused analysis on any emerging hotspots or exposures driven by the business.

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