Risk Analysis

Target Critical Threats to Data Security

Isolate and Investigate Emerging Threats

  • Engage pre-defined and customizable risk models that identify specific instances of emerging threats, from suspicious user activities to compromised entities.
  • Leverage analysis across multiple platforms and policies to gain centralized, detailed visibility into threats that span distributed behaviors and timeframes.
  • Prioritize response based on reported risk factors, ranging from the manner of problematic behavior, to stage of advancement, and likelihood of impact.
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RF.RiskAnalysis.DIMModel.zoom – 2018

Escalate Problematic Incidents

  • Scrutinize individual risk models to further analyze and prioritize incidents that represent abnormal, recurring and material risks.
  • Cross-reference multiple risk factors including frequency, volume and specific threat methods to pinpoint truly risky users and entities.
  • Further target remediation activities and Action Plans through consolidated and prioritized lists of users and incidents, including detailed comparative analysis.

Analyze Distributed Risk Vectors

  • Visualize numerous threat vectors across multiple platforms, policies and behaviors to gain detailed visibility into problematic incidents.
  • Employ advanced behavioral analysis to understand incident abnormality and criticality compared to other users and entities, including peer-based analysis.
  • Rapidly tailor investigation to include targeted categories and behaviors to amplify potential issues and eliminate non-malicious business-driven events.
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RF.RiskAnalysis.EventVectors.zoom – 2018

Visualize Targeted Investigations

  • Drill down into consolidated visualizations of individual incidents to gain detailed visibility into related behaviors and impacts.
  • Map out the details of each risk scenario to create the full picture of ongoing behaviors that constitute a larger set of risks.
  • Trigger specific remediation recommendations that target the most timely and opportunistic methods of preventing each threat.

Hunt Down Known Threats

  • Create targeted analysis models that pinpoint known activities related to potential threats, related to specific security platforms, users or attack methods.
  • Pinpoint analysis on specific types of incidents and events, including dynamic search across any related platforms and policies.
  • Track incident remediation status and Action Plans related to any relevant details, including user, role, manager or business unit.
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CASE STUDY: Real-World Success

Learn how a global medical device manufacturer leveraged Risk Fabric to target DLP incident investigation and dramatically shorten the policy review process.

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