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Webinar: Protecting Your Crown Jewels with Security Analytics


Webinar: Protecting Your Crown Jewels with Security Analytics

Effective cyber risk management depends upon security analytics technology. However, as more enterprises and vendors see the value in this technology, more hype and misconceptions come to surface. In some cases, security analytics is being used interchangeably with solutions like SIEM and user behavior analytics when in reality, those solutions are components of a security analytics platform.

Listen to this webinar co-hosted by Enterprise Strategy Group’s Senior Analyst of Cybersecurity, Doug Cahill, and Bay Dynamics co-founder and CTO Ryan Stolte to clear the confusion surrounding security analytics. The webinar includes the following information:

  • Misconceptions surrounding security analytics
  • A deep dive into the true meaning of security analytics
  • How organizations can most effectively use security analytics to reduce cyber risk to their crown jewels
  • How security analytics works in conjunction with already existing security investments including user behavior analytics and SIEM

And more!

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