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Bay Dynamics Welcomes NPower

NPower, which is sponsored by Symantec Cyber Career Connection, provides education, training and job placement services to veterans and young adults who want to work in cyber security. A group of NPower students recently visited...
May 10, 2018

Case Study: ISE North America 2017 Project Winner – Comcast

Comcast wins again! T.E.N., a national technology and security executive networking organization, announced this month that Comcast Corporation won the ISE® North America Project Award...
November 20, 2017

Case Study: Global Media & Telecom Leader Automates DLP Remediation with UEBA

Driven by the desire of its CISO to improve visibility into insider risk across the company and its numerous subsidiaries, the media giant sought to...
October 02, 2017

Case Study: Global Electronics Payment Leader Adds Both DLP and UEBA to Uncover Insider Risks

Spurred by a change in IT security leadership under a newly appointed CISO, the payment processing giant sought to enlist a more advanced approach to...
September 20, 2017

SC Magazine eBook: Normalizing Behavioral Analytics

Understanding how and why your employees act the way they do can reduce the potential for insider attacks and potential losses. As the financial services...
September 01, 2017

Security Current eBook: CISOs Investigate User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Bay Dynamics was proud to sponsor this rendition of CISOs Investigate: User Behavior Analytics (UBA) authored by leading Chief Information Security Officers. This ebook includes...
August 30, 2017

Value at Risk: Mapping Cyber Risk to Quantifiable Mission Impact

No matter how many resources they have at their fingertips, cyber security experts struggle to keep up with the overwhelming number of threats and vulnerabilities...
June 13, 2017

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