How secure is your organization?

We will show you the security exposures impacting your organization's most critical IT systems and data assets

How it works

1 Initiation
2 Execution
3 Analysis
4 Results
1 Initiation
  • Verify NDA and paperwork
  • Validate Business Checklist
  • Validate Technical Checklist
  • Validate Your Risk Fabric┬« Plan
2 Execution
  • Review source data
  • Install Risk Fabric┬« and connectors
  • Ingest source data and validate
  • Execute analyses
  • Validate output
3 Analysis
  • Review metrics and insights
  • Iterate model
  • Review critical success factors
  • Define business case and ROI
4 Results
  • Receive your risk exposure results
  • Identify next steps

Get started today and see how Risk Fabric can help you prioritize security exposures and direct your limited resources at your most important problems

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