Policy Effectiveness

Improve Security Policy Effectiveness

Identify Problematic Policies

  • Identify various security policies that trigger numerous alerts to understand where business process or user behaviors are causing problems.
  • Pinpoint those policies that are poorly written or inadequately address accepted or changing processes to recommendation needed reviews.
  • Visualize and understand complex cross-platform, cross-policy threats and process-based challenges to constantly refine investigation.
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Automate Policy Review

  • Trigger end-to-end review workflows across numerous stakeholders and security platforms to ensure policy optimization.
  • Isolate problematic elements of existing policies that repeatedly trigger false alerts to address specific issues and reduce false positives.
  • Provide specific recommendations to individual policy and platform owners to ensure that policy modifications address known obstacles.

Communicate Across Stakeholders

  • Create Action Plans that effectively communicate policy review requirements across numerous stakeholders, including line of business.
  • Enable security policy owners to ensure alignment with every relevant stakeholder while driving required reviews to completion.
  • Establish a channel of clear communication across security, compliance and business stakeholders to drive continuous process improvement.
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Employ Intelligent Remediation

  • Employ automated remediation recommendations that allow for targeted and workflow-driven security policy refinement.
  • Recommend high volume alerts that represent non-malicious issues for bulk policy update, review and remediation.
  • Leveraged supervised machine learning to constantly improve and accelerate remediation based on observed analyst inputs.

Track Policy-Related Metrics

  • Visualize policy-related trends related to specific platforms, business units or processes to drive related programs and resource allocation.
  • Highlight technology and business-related factors that generate high volume security alerts or complex policy challenges.
  • Communicate effectively with numerous stakeholders including line of business to contextualize and frame critical policy decisions.
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CASE STUDY: Real-World Success

Learn how a global medical device manufacturer leveraged Risk Fabric to target DLP incident investigation and dramatically shorten the policy review process.

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