Kill Chain Analysis

Detect and Prevent Emerging Threats

Visualize Emerging Threats

  • Gain detailed visibility into emerging threats, as they transpire across multiple stages, to understand where material risks occur.
  • Investigate where various elements of each inside threat or external attack impact specific data sets and assets to plan responsive actions.
  • Engage cross-platform, cross-functional Action Plans to ensure that every critical element of each threats is properly addressed.
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RF.KillChain.Stages.zoom – 2018

Pinpoint Threat Stages and Impacts

  • Identify, correlate and compare elements of each threat to understand where issues have occurred and to gauge related impacts.
  • Establish multi-stage insight into every incident, across multiple stages, to elaborate the full breadth of risky behaviors resulting in real-world threats.
  • Isolate the most critical risks to assets and data within each threat model to inform remediation activities and launch response.

Track the Stages of Risky Behavior

  • Create a detailed timeline of emerging threat stages to understand the precise relation between each event, abnormal behaviors and related impacts.
  • Estimate when critical threat impacts are likely to occur, before they happen, to undertake preventative actions that directly reduce risk.
  • Choose from a range of threat remediation points and related Action Plans to invoke the most efficient and effective response activities.
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Stop Known Malicious Threats

  • Consolidate event data across numerous security platforms to isolate behaviors that point to infected user accounts and entities harboring malware threats.
  • Build an inclusive picture of emerging activities that add up to represent multi-stage attacks that seek to exfiltrate sensitive data.
  • Pinpoint the most strategic element of an end-to-end compromise to enact remediation at the precise stage that best prevents the larger threat.

Enact Targeted Response

  • Add any element of each threat to a targeted workflow that drives remediation of involved risks across multiple platforms and stakeholders.
  • Leverage automated response recommendations to further accelerate remediation, driven by supervised machine learning that draws on analyst inputs.
  • Engage closed-loop workflows that clearly communicate each aspect of remediation across involved stakeholders and automatically tracks progress to ensure completion.
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CASE STUDY: Real-World Success

Learn how a global payments leader leveraged Risk Fabric alongside its existing security infrastructure to identify and mitigate inside threats, without adding related headcount.

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