Compressing the Endless List of Vulnerabilities into Those That Matter Most


Vulnerability scans run across millions of IP addresses, which are tied to thousands of servers, operating systems and applications. Vulnerability managers scramble to pinpoint which assets contain the most severe vulnerabilities, who owns those assets and whether those owners promptly deployed patches. Oftentimes vulnerability managers prioritize which vulnerabilities to fix first based on CVSS scores produced by their scanners. Yet, those scores lack important context such as active threats that could exploit the vulnerability, the value of the asset at risk and the financial impact the enterprise could face if the asset were compromised.

Risk FabricĀ® Prioritizes Vulnerabilities Based on Threats, Value at Risk and Business Context, Delivers Remediation Actions to Relevant Application Owners & Tracks Progress

With Risk Fabric, Vulnerability Managers Understand:

  • Vulnerabilities that could cause the most damage to the enterprise
  • Which assets contain those vulnerabilities
  • Who owns those assets
  • Remediation actions owners must take
  • If remediation was completed

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