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Third-party vendors are critical to business operations and continue to be an integral part of organizations’ business success. Vendors have legitimate user accounts and access to key organizational resources such as high privilege accounts, high value systems and critical applications. Untethered vendor access, and lack of visibility and control across vendors is an increased security and business risk for organizations.

Risk Fabric monitors and analyzes the behavior of third-party vendors to enable vendor risk assurance and drive vendor self-governance.


Vendor Risk Assurance

Many of the organizations reflect third party vendors as the weak link in their cyber security and risk program. More often than not, vendors don’t even realize they are putting the organization at risk. Risk Fabric’s vendor risk assurance provides organizations with complete visibility into how third-party vendors are interacting with their critical information so that they can eliminate risks that may lead to a breach. Risk Fabric monitors, and analyzes the behaviors of the third-party vendors, including the individual employees within those vendor organizations. The platform provides a prioritized list of top risky vendors, detailed analysis of unusual vendor user behavior and vendor incident remediation.

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Vendor Self-Governance

Risk Fabric vendor self-governance enables organizations to partner with their third-party vendors to drive accountability back to them.

  • Enables organizations to directly engage with the vendors through automated email-notifications for communicating the unusual and undesirable vendor user activities.
  • Empowering vendors by providing actionable visibility into their activities that pose a risk to the organization, enabling vendors to govern their own behavior and reduce overall risk without any additional human resources.
  • Drive vendor accountability through continuous monitoring and daily heartbeat of the vendor associated risk within the business environment and in essence, get vendors to be an extension to the organization.

Bridging the Gap Between the Front Lines and the Board

Everybody is trying to achieve the same goal – protect the enterprise. Investigators and Vulnerability Management teams need a list of the threats and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, prioritized by severity and potential impact. Operations needs to identify gaps in coverage and how their organization is performing in remediating threats and vulnerabilities. Executives require a top down perspective that highlights their greatest risks and how well the enterprise is being protected, so they can drive strategic and tactical improvements. Finally, Boards of Directors require a quantitative risk scorecard that enables them to understand the lay of the land, so that they can make informed decisions and provide appropriate guidance. The end goal for each of the stakeholders, whether it is the IT Team, Line of Business Leaders, C-Suite, or the Boardroom, is getting a single version of the truth from a common platform that is enriched with intelligent behavioral analytics and business context.

With Risk Fabric, you get:

  • Visibility: Single Dashboard that provides a live view of risk across the vendor community
  • Control: Executives are enabled to measure and communicate vendor risk to key business stakeholders
  • Self-Governance: Automated notification of risky vendor behavior to drive vendor self-governance
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