Prioritizing Imminent Threats & Vulnerabilities that Could Cause the Most Damage to the Enterprise

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Enterprises are flooded with threats and vulnerabilities daily. With a shortage of qualified security professionals who understand cyber hunting and data science, SOC operators spend countless hours manually piecing together information to decipher which threats and vulnerabilities could cause the most damage. Oftentimes operators work in silos, lacking the visibility that’s needed to effectively prioritize what they need to act on first, resulting in wasted time focusing on the wrong problems.

Risk Fabric® Prioritizes and Delivers the Most Imminent Threats & Vulnerabilities Based on Financial Impact to the Enterprise


Identifying and Prioritizing Threats & Vulnerabilities

Risk Fabric marries threat and vulnerability information from enterprises’ existing security tools with asset value, User & Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA), and additional business context to measure the financial impact of cyber risk and prioritize remediation based on actions that reduce impact the most.


Engaging Line-of-Business Application Owners

Risk Fabric engages application owners to apply the business context, that only they have, to qualify threats before they are sent to the SOC so that responders only receive the most critical alerts. Risk Fabric also prioritizes and delivers the most critical vulnerabilities to application owners responsible for remediation.

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Streamlining SOC Operators’ analysis and response

By integrating cyber risk data with asset value and financial impact, in addition to engaging application owners to qualify threat alerts and remediate vulnerabilities, Risk Fabric enables SOC Operators to continuously remediate the most critical threats and vulnerabilities using minimal resources and time.

With Risk Fabric, SOC Operators Receive:

  • Prioritized threats & vulnerabilities based on those that could cause the most financial damage to the business
  • Qualification of threat alerts by application owners to reduce false positives and noise
  • Delivery of the most critical vulnerabilities to application owners responsible for remediation
  • Streamlined analysis and response
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