Prioritizing the Most Important Cyber Security Issues to Focus on Today


Cyber risks change daily. A threat one day may no longer be one the next. Security executives lack visibility into how their cyber risk changes from day to day, relying on siloed data and manually compiled spreadsheets. Without a centralized system that gives security executives full visibility into their cyber risk posture and prioritizes actions so that each day the enterprise’s resources are directed towards the most critical threats and vulnerabilities, security executives are left in the dark or focusing on the wrong problems.

Risk Fabric® Enables Security Executives to Understand Their Top Cyber Security Issues on a Daily Basis, Prioritized by Potential Impact to The Business


Bringing Together Siloed Security Tools

Risk Fabric ingests data from security tools scattered across the enterprise environment, integrates it into a consolidated risk centric data model and adds it own proprietary Value at Risk analytics and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to provide security executives full visibility into the top threats and vulnerabilities exposing their most valued assets.


Prioritizing Remediation of Threats & Vulnerabilities That Matter Most

Risk Fabric delivers a prioritized list of the most critical threats and vulnerabilities potentially impacting the most important assets, personalized to each application owner and security staff’s scope of responsibility.


Providing Full Visibility into Trending Cyber Security Posture

Risk Fabric brings to light the most significant issues so that security executives understand what they must pay attention to each day. Risk Fabric also shows how their risk level has changed from the day before.


Transparency into Performance of Lines of Business, Application Owners and Responders

Accountability is quickly becoming an important requirement among enterprises. Risk Fabric drives accountability of those responsible for cyber risk reduction by automatically providing consistent cyber risk information to those on the front lines and performance metrics to executives.

With Risk Fabric, Security Executives Receive

  • Daily list of top threats & vulnerabilities automatically delivered to those responsible for mitigation
  • Full visibility into today’s cyber risk posture and mitigation performance, and how it has changed over time
  • Centralized platform that brings together siloed security tools, analyzes, correlates and tracks cyber risk data coming from them
  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • Scorecards that can be shared with peers or the board

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