Protecting Mission Critical Government IT Assets

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Government security teams receive countless vulnerabilities and threat alerts from their disparate security tools making it difficult to understand which ones pose the greatest risk to the agency and must be tackled first. How can stakeholders prioritize their security activities when they do not know which threats and vulnerabilities could cause the most damage to the mission? How do they know where to allocate their limited resources to be the most effective?
Cyber risk decisions must be driven by mission impact, which entails mapping threats and vulnerabilities in the environment to valued assets that, if compromised, could cause the most damage to the mission.

Prioritizing remediation based on greatest impact to mission

Risk Fabric® leverages machine learning and advanced analytics to quantify the mission impact of cyber risk based on actual threats and vulnerabilities detected in the environment. The platform then provides a customized action plan, prioritizing remediation activities that most significantly reduce agencies’ risk exposure.

Risk profiles change. Risk Fabric continuously re-calculates the Application Value at Risk based on changing threats and vulnerabilities, allowing agencies to always stay ahead of the next breach.

Sample Government Use Cases


Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

  • Risk Fabric quantifies the mission impact of each application’s vulnerability exposure at any given time so agencies can prioritize remediation actions based on those that measurably reduce risk the most.

Insider Threat Identification & Prioritization

  • Uncovering users, including contractors, who exhibit malicious behavior
  • Just-In-Time® security awareness training module to reduce non-malicious violations
  • Detailed anomalous behavior reports and evidence
  • Automated incident remediation – escalation, training, and bulk remediation

Governance and Compliance

  • Monitoring and ensuring the security and resilience of IT assets and systems are consistent with related policies, procedures, and agreements.
  • User training to help employees understand and meet governance and compliance requirements.

Streamlined Reporting and Leadership Communications

  • Automated and customized compliance reports for security leaders to report on the status and effectiveness of cyber security investments and programs with traceable, transparent metrics.

Learn more about how Risk Fabric is enabling government agencies to make value-based risk reduction decisions

Federal agencies need cyber security solutions customized to the complexities of government. Bay Dynamics enables agencies to continuously assess, measure, and control the specific mission impact of cyber risk based on actual conditions detected in their environment, even as cyber threats continuously evolve.

Risk Fabric provides agencies with:

  • Quantifiable measurement of cyber risk that’s based on current detectable conditions in the organizational environment, gathered from existing security tools and organizational context, including fiscal impacts and impacts to the mission.
  • A holistic view of the organization’s effectiveness in remediating threats and closing vulnerabilities.
  • Value-based prioritization of remediation based on the reduction in cyber risk associated with specific actions taken.
  • Improved timeliness of action by automating the delivery of prioritized threats and vulnerabilities to application owners and security teams responsible for mitigation.
  • Reduced compliance risks through identification of the severity of the risk exposure of regulated IT assets that may lead to violations.
  • Reduced resource load through automated integration, analysis, and reporting of cyber risks, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone manual effort historically required.

Built with Security in Mind

The Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric platform was built with government security in mind

  • On premise deployment that can sit securely behind an agency’s firewall
  • FISMA compliance with specific security controls relating to NIST 800-53
  • Compliance with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2.

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