Customized, Actionable & Automated Cyber Risk Information Delivered To Line of Business Leaders

Cyber Risk Coverage & Performance

Line of Business (LoB) application owners, who are not on the security team but manage valuable assets, play an essential part in reducing cyber risk. CISOs face challenges holding LoB leaders accountable for remediating critical vulnerabilities due to siloed operational tools which only provide a partial view that is not easily tied to LoB specific needs. As a result, LoB leaders do not receive the cyber risk information they need to take action and reduce risk.

Risk Fabric Delivers Customized & Actionable Cyber Risk Information to Line of Business Application Owners


Line of Business Application Owner Self Service

The Risk Fabric® self service portal provides personalized & prioritized remediation actions to LoB application owners across the organization. Remediation recommendations are prioritized based on those that reduce financial impact the most. By providing customized dashboards for each LoB owner, Risk Fabric enables application owners to manage exceptions, remediation plans, scan exclusions, and other actions relevant to applications for which they are responsible.


Executive Visibility with Risk Fabric

Risk Fabric enables CISOs to hold LoB leaders accountable for reducing cyber risk

  • CISOs can provide a common view of the environment to LoB leaders, allowing them to self-manage their cyber risk reduction efforts based on the framework established by the CISO.
  • Common LoB metrics enable CISOs to hold Lines of Business accountable for their performance and compare it to other groups.
  • LoB leaders get complete transparency into their organization’s cyber risks and the comparable performance of other LoBs.
  • LoB application owners get personalized, actionable information, focused on critical vulnerabilities within valued assets under their governance, to enable expedient remediation of the most important issues.
  • Behavioral analytics and Just-In-Time® security awareness training enables CISOs and LoB leaders to hold their employees and vendors accountable for adhering to cyber security policies and best practices.

Bridging the Gap Between the Front Lines and the Board

Everybody is trying to achieve the same goal – protect the enterprise. Investigators and Vulnerability Management teams need a list of the threats and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, prioritized by severity and potential impact. Operations needs to identify gaps in coverage and how their organization is performing in remediating threats and vulnerabilities. Executives require a top down perspective that highlights their greatest risks and how well the enterprise is being protected, so they can drive strategic and tactical improvements. Finally, Boards of Directors require a quantitative risk scorecard that enables them to understand the lay of the land, so that they can make informed decisions and provide appropriate guidance. The end goal for each of the stakeholders, whether it is the IT Team, Line of Business Leaders, C-Suite, or the Boardroom, is getting a single version of the truth from a common platform that is enriched with intelligent behavioral analytics and business context.

With Risk Fabric, you get:

  • Personalized, actionable cyber security and risk information across a spectrum of users, systems, and applications
  • Applications’ owner view of their vulnerability and cyber risk posture
  • Business owner view of systems, applications, and user activity to drive accountability
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