Monitoring Risk & Compliance Posture Across the Enterprise


The enterprise environment is a battle of disconnected things. Assets, information and people are scattered in their own silos, yet IT Risk & Compliance Managers must still track them to ensure the enterprise maintains continuous compliance and minimizes risk surrounding its most valued assets. Reporting on compliance and risk typically entails a lengthy manual process of pulling together logs, screenshots, scan results and more. IT Risk & Compliance Managers spend much of their days reaching out to the individuals who govern the underlying systems and information, and manually compiling and distributing spreadsheets.

Risk Fabric® Monitors the Enterprise Environment & Collects Risk and Compliance Data Across Lines of Business, Assets and Technologies


Monitoring Risk & Compliance Posture

Risk Fabric provides IT Risk & Compliance Managers a continuous live view into their risk and compliance posture which includes monitoring endpoint control health, vulnerability and configuration issues, assets under compliance, Key Risk Indicators and more


Monitoring Third Party Vendors

Risk Fabric continuously monitors the behavior of third party vendor users to enable IT Risk & Compliance Managers to ensure vendors adhere to cyber security best practices and industry regulation. Vendor attestation questionnaires and external vendor intelligence feeds are also easily supported to provide a 360o view of third party risk


Automated Reporting

Risk Fabric continuously collects risk and compliance data every day, and delivers up to date mitigation actions to the responsible stakeholders. The platform also provides IT Risk & Compliance Managers daily auditor-ready reports so that the most current compliance information is at their fingertips

With Risk Fabric, IT Risk & Compliance Managers Receive:

  • Continuous visibility into their risk and compliance posture at the business, technology and asset level
  • Continuous monitoring of control health, vulnerability and configuration issues, risks, third party vendor users, compliance posture, KRIs and more
  • Automated engagement with Line-of-Business application owners responsible for mitigation
  • Automated reporting

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