It seems that the General Data Protection Regulation is everywhere – in the headlines, leading conference discussions, in the boardroom, etc. etc. etc. Coalitions (i.e. GDPR Coalition), summits (i.e. GDPR:Summit), even a news publication (i.e. GDPR:Report) have been created to help organizations comply.  And, the regulation doesn’t even take effect until May 2018. But don’t let that far away date and already published content make you stop reading this post.

Preparing to comply with the GDPR can be a complex, lengthy process, which is why it’s important that cyber risk and compliance pros collect actionable information from a variety of resources, including from yours truly, Bay Dynamics, the leading provider of cyber risk analytics solutions, Symantec, the largest cyber security company in the world, and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), one of the most recognized IT research, analyst, strategy, and validation companies.

On August 17, 2017 at 3:30PM ET, Steven Grossman, Vice President of Strategy at Bay Dynamics, Salah Nassar, Director of Product Marketing at Symantec, and Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst at ESG, will co-present during a BrightTalk virtual GDPR summit about all things GDPR including outlining the main requirements, how you can identify gaps that would put you out of compliance with the requirements, which technologies can help achieve compliance, and a timetable so you know what to implement when, in what order and at what cost.

Why is this session different from the rest? The presenters’ collective 50+ years of experience developing, refining, researching and analyzing data loss prevention, behavior analytics, and other security technologies that enable organizations across all industries to prepare for and comply with various regulations and, most importantly, protect their assets that matter most.

Yes, the GDPR is everywhere but you can never be too well informed.

Join us for this informative event. Sign up here. The clock is ticking.

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