Visibility is the name of the game when it comes to measuring an organization’s risk posture. For effective cyber risk management, it’s essential for CISOs to have the right visibility in order to understand what employees, strategic business partners, and third-party vendors are doing on the inside and how they are interacting with high-valuable assets. Rather than stick to the traditional approach which focuses on outside threats posed to an organization, it’s time to flip the script and take the inside-out strategic view.

I recently sat down with Tom Field, vice president of editorial at ISMG, to discuss this emerging topic in a video interview. Providing the right level of visibility in an accurate manner to the right constituents in your organization goes a long way. This also ties back to providing visibility for CISOs to report and speak the language of the board for effective reporting.

In addition to visibility, security executives need to go one step further to enable stakeholders to close the loop. The information provided by security solutions should also be accompanied by an actionable component that resolves problems.

This sounds easier said than done because every organization has different requirements regarding visibility. But with the right solution in place, the C-suite, line of business leaders, and incident response teams can each be provided with a dashboard of information that highlights data critical to their respective needs.

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