For Bay Dynamics, January has been a great month. We won the Government Security News Homeland Security Award for Best User and Entity Behavior Analytics. And most recently, we were named an SC Media 2018 Trust Award finalist for Best Risk/Policy Management Solution.

Risk Fabric® is helping enterprises and government agencies solve the pervasive alert overload problem. With limited resources, teams are forced to sort through an avalanche of alerts, inevitably allowing critical threats to slip through the cracks. They lack an easy, automated way to prioritize which threats and vulnerabilities need immediate mitigation, while separating out false positives and noise. Many cyber leaders still use an event-based approach relying on siloed security tools, which only adds to the problem and wastes company dollars.

Risk Fabric enables cyber leaders to shift from an event-based to a risk-based approach. Using patented user and entity behavior analytics, in addition to telemetry data collected from organizations’ existing security tools, Risk Fabric detects insider and outside threats, and prioritizes which ones need immediate mitigation based on the business impact to the organization if the threat succeeded.

On the vulnerability side, Risk Fabric prioritizes which vulnerabilities application owners should remediate first based on business impact, the value of the asset at risk, and associated threats. The platform automatically delivers prioritized threats and vulnerabilities with recommended mitigation actions to the stakeholders responsible for acting. Risk Fabric also measures the amount of risk reduced due to actions taken, a metric that’s useful for the C-suite and board of directors.

Many global organizations are using Risk Fabric to help their compliance programs with various industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and upcoming GDPR. Risk Fabric monitors the behavior of users who touch in-scope data and assets, detects abnormal behavior that may indicate a threat to those assets, and uncovers gaps in compliance. Using Risk Fabric, organizations have benefitted in the following ways:

  • 80% of non-malicious data loss prevention incidents were automatically remediated
  • Zero critical vulnerabilities on “crowned jewels”
  • 10x increase in incident remediation by current resources
  • Scalable deployment across hundreds of thousands of users
  • 77% increase in visibility to attack surface
  • Significant reduction in alerts and people needed for investigations

For 21 years, the SC Media Awards have recognized the achievements of cyber security professionals. They highlight inspiring innovators who have set a high bar for their industry peers, as they continue to protect the world from attacks and vulnerabilities that imperil security, privacy, and digital infrastructure. Finalists for the Trust Awards are chosen by an expert panel of judges with extensive knowledge and experience in the cyber security industry. The winners will be announced at the SC Awards ceremony on April 17, 2018 in San Francisco.