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Is Your Vendor Putting You At Risk of a Breach? Our New Solution Will Let You Know

By Ryan Stolte, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Bay Dynamics Target. Home Depot. The Office of Personnel Management. These organizations (and many more) have two things in common – they all suffered a data breach and the attackers broke in through a third party vendor. According to the Ponemon Institute “Aftermath of a Data Breach Study,” 53 […]

The Insider Threat: Are Your Employees Opening the Door to Attackers?

You hope your employees continuously make cybersecurity a top priority. Maybe you offer annual security awareness training or send emails and post reminders about strong passwords and not clicking on every link in their inboxes. However, unfortunately, even with reminders, too many employees put security on the back burner – whether intentionally or unintentionally. Where does that leave […]

User and Entity Behavior Analytics: The New “Darling” of Cybersecurity

Move over security controls; there’s a new sheriff in town – user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). It may sound complicated and technical, but UEBA is actually easy to understand and it’s helping thwart destructive cyber-attacks. In the Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics, by Avivah Litan, published September 22, 2015, industry analyst firm Gartner says […]

Putting Breaches into Perspective: Protecting Sensitive Data through Predictive Security Analytics

In today’s cyber world the unfortunate reality is that breaches happen. And the recent breaches of Penn State and the IRS have only proven that the current siloe’d approach to threat detection and response is not working to protect organizations against sophisticated attacks. Organizations today need to be able to “connect the dots” across high […]

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