RSA is here. And so is our new look website! We’ve added a whole new section titled ‘Business Value’. Whether it is the board of directors, line of business leaders, investigators and responders, vulnerability or vendor risk managers; Risk Fabric, our Cyber Risk Analytics platform delivers tangible business value across the board. This is a bold promise, but one that our platform has been steadily and quietly delivering to our clients. No wonder top four of the five banks are Bay Dynamics’ marquee customers.

The goal for the CISO is to have the right technology, process and programs for “making security everyone’s business” in the organization. Yet most companies take the siloed approach, solving sliver of the potential problem. Bay Dynamics’ Risk Fabric is the great unifier, that leverages UEBA and Situational Awareness to provide actionable information to the right constituents at the right time, all from a common platform with a single version of the truth.

Risk Fabric identifies and stops insider threats and provides knowledge to mitigate the riskiest vulnerabilities – visit the website to review the updated ‘Solutions’ section to learn more about our ‘insider threat’ and ‘assets at risk’ solutions. Better yet, stop by our booth S2307 to get a demonstration or talk to one of our experts.

Sneak Peek on the exciting themes, programs and events planned for this week at RSA:

1. The Board Theme

Bay Dynamics is unveiling a new report that details what kind of information IT and security executives report to the board of directors, how they report information and whether or not the information is effective in minimizing companies’ cyber risk. The report, titled, “Reporting to the Board: Where CISOs and the Board are Missing the Mark” reveals that only two in five IT and security executives feel the information they provide to the board of directors is actionable. Even fewer believe they are getting the help they need from the board to address cybersecurity threats.


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2. Insider Threat Alliance Partner Program

Launch of the “Insider Threat Alliance program”, first-of-its-kind, comprehensive network of partners coming together to address the challenges that organizations face combatting insider threats. It encompasses alliance partners at the regional and national levels including resellers, consulting partners, technology and solution providers, system integrators and managed security service providers.

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3. Insider Cocktail Mixer

On Tuesday, March1st at 5 pm, we’ll be serving our signature ‘Insider Threat Cocktail’ a potent mixture that will stop insider threats in their tracks.

4. CISO Panel: Bridging the Boardroom Gap (VIP Luncheon)

On Wednesday, March 2nd  we’ll host a panel discussion on ‘Bridging the Boardroom Gap’ with cyber security leaders from companies such as eTrade, Charles Schwab, Barclays, Wells Fargo, Scottrade and the US Department of Justice.

5. SC Magazine Gala

On Tuesday March 1st, we’ll be at the 2016 SC Magazine Awards gala. Our Risk Fabric platform is up for awards in two categories – Best Risk/Policy Management Solution and Best Emerging Technology

We look forward to seeing you at RSA!

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