Let’s ring in National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Fourteen years ago, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and National Cyber Security Alliance officially dedicated October as the month to raise awareness for the importance of cyber security. Divided into four modules during the four weeks of October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a.k.a. #NCSAM, covers a wide swath of themes from simple steps for consumer online safety to protecting our critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

However, this October we are seeing a new focus – cyber risk management.  In light of the string of high profile breaches (Equifax, SEC, enough said), coupled with new regulations and guidance (the President’s Cybersecurity Executive Order, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST special publication 800-39 etc.), the concept of approaching cyber security as a risk management issue is front and center.

What does that mean? Risk is the intersection of threats, vulnerabilities and the probability of those two intersecting to compromise an asset of value. That last part, “asset of value” is key. A risk-based approach means identifying your crowned jewels, those assets that, if compromised, would impact your organization the most, and mitigating first the threats and vulnerabilities that put those assets at risk.

Here at Bay Dynamics, we are showing our support for #NCSAM by posting on our social media channels – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – useful insights and content related to using a risk based approach to mitigate insider threats. Our cyber risk analytics platform, Risk Fabric®, does just that - detecting, prioritizing and delivering the most potentially damaging insider threats to the stakeholders responsible for investigating and mitigating.           

According to the SANS Institute, 74 percent of IT managers and security pros are most concerned about insider threats. The cyber pros have spoken and we have listened.

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