Intergraphic: Step inside a CISO’s cockpit

Check out our new “intergraphic” – an interactive infographic - below that takes you inside the cockpit of a CISO. Enjoy clicking on the warning lights, flight controls, flight stick, diagnostics and communication features to find out how a pilot’s cockpit compares to one of a CISO. Start clicking and enjoy the navigation!

Across enterprises today, CISOs are increasingly taking on a more significant, business-focused role.

Tasked to lead cyber risk management programs that not only include collecting, analyzing and taking action on information but also tying it back to threats and vulnerabilities surrounding an organization’s most treasured entities – users and assets, is a tall order.

Additionally, CISOs are expected to report traceable, trustworthy, understandable cyber risk information to the board and avoid falling into the comfort zone of technical jargon and cyber security acronyms.

In some ways, this balancing act of helping the business safely meet its cyber risk objectives is similar to the one a typical airline pilot goes through to get a plane to the right destination as quickly and safely as possible. And similar to pilots, CISOs need their own cockpits to help them gauge risk and take speedy corrective action.

The CISO cockpit would feature controls that allow them to maneuver the cyber risk reduction process tied to their organization’s assets at risk, in addition to alerting them of unusual, risky user behavior tied to those assets – whether they’re coming from employees, third-party vendors, or any threats emanating from the outside. Without understanding the cyber value at risk, threats and vulnerabilities surrounding those crown jewels would increase the likelihood of a compromise.