By Ryan Stolte, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Bay Dynamics

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Information Risk Officers (CIROs) are no longer ‘just the IT guys’ responsible for doing ‘security stuff’. They now have a prominent place at the boardroom table, responsible for explaining and, in some cases, demonstrating what they are doing to protect their organization from being the next breach victim in the headlines. According to a 2015 global study by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center, 63 percent of executives and directors report cybersecurity as a top boardroom issue, up from 33 percent in 2012.

However, a disconnect in communication plagues many organizations leaving CISOs and CIROs struggling to figure out how to effectively report their cyber risk status to the board and boards frustrated about not getting the information they need. If C-level executives and board members cannot understand their level of cyber risk and put it into context based on the value of their assets and how their most valuable assets are being protected, they cannot make informed decisions to decrease their level of risk.

To help CISOs and CIROs improve how they report their cyber risk posture to the board, our experts at Bay Dynamics created the infographic titled, “Five Useless Things CISOs Report to the Board.” Also take a look at our e-book “The CISO’s Ultimate Guide to Reporting to the Board” to find out what kind of information you should report to the board and how to effectively communicate your level of cyber risk.


Infographic: Five Useless Things IT and Risk Executives Report to the Board

Infographic: Five Useless Things IT and Risk Executives Report to the Board

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