Bay Dynamics is headed back to Black Hat August 1-4 where the best in security – from hackers to C-level executives – gather in the heat of the Vegas desert to discuss the hottest security issues.  In the 19 years since Black Hat began, a lot has changed in the industry.

Just a few years ago, information security was considered a “techie” task that solely involved the security team putting up firewalls and other various technologies to prevent breaches. However, as cyber threats have become more complex, combined with a slew of industry regulations, frameworks and guidelines as well as the “internet-of-things,” BYOD, lawsuits, non-compliance fines and barrage of breaches, cyber risk has climbed the corporate ladder with C-level executives and board members getting more involved than ever before. According to a recent survey of board members conducted by Osterman Research, 89 percent of board members say they are very involved in making cyber risk decisions and 74 percent say cyber risk information is reported to them weekly.

Due to this shift, information security has emerged from the “techie” corner. Instead of focusing on isolated vulnerabilities and threats, companies are focusing on which vulnerabilities and threats put their most valued assets at risk of a compromise and applying their cyber security resources accordingly. This risk-based approach enables them to prioritize which vulnerabilities need patching first and which threats must be investigated immediately. It enables security teams to reduce the tsunami of vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives.

This year at Black Hat, Bay Dynamics is excited to demonstrate how our Risk Fabric cyber risk analytics platform is serving as the centerpiece for this risk-based approach. We are sponsoring the new Black Hat lobby lounge, so if you would like to see a demo and learn more about how to think and speak risk, feel free to stop by. The lounge is located outside of the entrance to the Business Hall.  It comes fully furnished with comfy sofas and chairs, charging outlets, a barista and a cash bar.  Join us and relax, pick up some cool swag, and enjoy a coffee or a cocktail (after 4pm).  You can also email us to schedule an appointment at

Lounge Hours:

Monday Aug 1: 12:00 pm– 7:00 pm
Tuesday Aug 2: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Wednesday Aug 3: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday Aug 4: 9:30 am – 6:15 pm

Bay Dynamics Lobby Lounge Map


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