No matter where they are located, which customers they serve or products they offer, all enterprise businesses speak one, universal language – risk. Good risks. Dangerous risks. Financial risks. Residual risks. Board members and C-level executives evaluate all kinds of risks when making critical decisions.

Recently, a new kind of risk has become a focal point of those discussions – cyber risk.

Bay Dynamics is a leader in helping businesses reduce cyber risk and we are getting recognition for it. SC Magazine has named us a finalist for the 2016 SC Magazine Awards U.S. in two categories – Best Risk/Policy Management Solution under the “Trust Awards” and Best Emerging Technology under the “Excellence Awards” – both for our comprehensive user and entity behavior analytics platform, Risk Fabric®. Risk Fabric helps businesses identify, communicate and reduce risk all on one platform.  It identifies risky behaviors of insiders within enterprise businesses – employees, third party vendor users, and anyone who has high privileged access to sensitive information – that may lead to a breach or indicate a breach in progress. The platform then helps businesses take action to minimize those risks and provides reports for C-level executives and the board so that they understand their organization’s cyber risk posture and can make decisions accordingly.

Any security vendor, service provider or professional in the U.S. can submit nominations for the 2016 SC Magazine Awards U.S. so it is an honor to be chosen as a finalist in two categories. Finalists for the “Trust Awards” are chosen by IT security professionals from the SC Magazine readership who have been invited and vetted by the SC editorial team to participate as part of the judging panel. The panel is made up of approximately 100 professionals who are primarily from end user organizations. Finalists for the “Excellence Awards” are decided by a second expert panel of judges handpicked by the SC editorial team for the breadth of knowledge and experience in the information security industry.

Cybersecurity is a risk management problem. Businesses must view cyber risk under the same lens as all of the other risks they address within their organization. By understanding the top threats to their organizations and then identifying and remediating vulnerabilities among their insiders and assets that could turn those threats into attacks, businesses can greatly reduce their level of cyber risk and avoid becoming the next breach victim. At Bay Dynamics, we strive to help them do just that so that assessing their cyber risk becomes a part of their everyday business that everyone from the IT and security teams to employees to C-level executives and board members understand.

SC Magazine will announce the winners of the 2016 SC Magazine Awards U.S. at a gala on March 1, 2016 in San Francisco. For more information go to:

By Feris Rifai, CEO and Co-Founder, Bay Dynamics

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