We're a full week into the 2019 NCAA tournament which means March Madness is well underway and brackets are already being busted as we head toward the Sweet 16. Here at Bay Dynamics, we're taking a creative, cybersecurity-driven spin on this year’s tournament: welcome to the #Threat16.

In fact, we believe that the hype of picking a quick cyber-security bracket might even be as fun as filling out your college bracket. OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but if bouncing a ball down the court can capture our attention, surely ranking the threats and technologies that dominate the cybersecurity landscape in 2019 can also serve as a fun distraction. Let’s give it a try: which technologies can create the right offensive and defensive balance to become the national champions?

Join us as we watch the “teams” compete for the title of ultimate champion against cyber threats. There will be underdogs and there may be some upsets, but this tournament bracket is unlike any other you might have seen.

Recent Gartner research found that by 2020, 100% of large enterprises will be asked to report to their board of directors on cybersecurity and technology risk at least on an annual basis. That’s up from the 40% that are already doing so today. Our aim with #Threat16 is to raise awareness around the leading threats and cybersecurity technologies by breaking them down in a friendly competition – head-to-head, game-by-game – and sharing analysis on why one cybersecurity technology “team” beats another. And we hope to provide a fun look into the pros and cons of today’s top "competitors".

Stay tuned throughout the next two weeks as the #Threat16 parallels the big dance.

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