Nearly every enterprise must tackle significant requirements these days around data protection and evolution of related DLP capabilities, but those companies tasked with defending their lifeblood intellectual property face even greater DLP Optimization challenges.

From insiders that may either intentionally or unintentionally leak their latest R&D or product secrets outside company “walls”, to persistent threats from outsiders looking to steal valuable information, the data protection landscape remains daunting. For organizations whose efforts span multiple disciplines – such as a business that retains large volumes of IP while operating in a highly regulated vertical market – this set of challenges is even more severe.

Consider, for example, a large medical device manufacturer with operations and customers distributed around the globe. This Bay Dynamics customer counts on its DLP platform to keep tabs on everything from protection of its next generation patents, to ensuring adherence with compliance initiatives including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

That’s a lot of ground to cover given the involved complexity of its business and security processes, along with compliance and related creation and enforcement of DLP policies themselves. So, it’s not surprising to learn that making it all work smoothly was proving difficult. And don’t forget, all of it has to be accomplished while making the most of existing resources amid a pervasive talent shortfall.

To help address this situation, and the fact that the company’s R&D managers were spending huge amounts of time manually reviewing DLP alerts and policies, the medical manufacturer’s security team called on Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric to help it increase DLP optimization and improve data protection while streamlining related policy management.

Risk Fabric provides detailed visibility into emerging user-driven events.

First, by integrating Risk Fabric’s advanced analytics directly with its existing DLP platform, the security team was able rapidly accelerate and improve its ability to identify truly problematic incidents, based on specific user and device interactions with its most protected data.

Just as importantly, the company was able to completely re-invent its approach to DLP policy creation and review, connecting non-security professionals from its R&D teams with security analysts and even line of business officials. Working together across integrated workflows, all of these stakeholders could ensure that policies best support evolving requirements.

Finally, instead of asking their R&D experts to spend weekends reviewing security alerts and DLP policies via spreadsheets, the organization created closed loop policy review workflows spanning Risk Fabric and the involved DLP platform.

As a result, only weeks after deploying Risk Fabric, the company’s overall DLP policy review process had been reduced from multiple weeks to mere days. Suffice to say, that greatly eased the workload of both security and line of business teams. At the same time, security analysts could spend more time investigating critical issues.

Larger benefits from the Risk Fabric deployment included:

  • Roll out of a more risk-centric and targeted approach to DLP investigation
  • Reduction in the time required to review existing DLP incidents
  • More efficient DLP policy creation, deployment and reviews
  • Access to executive reports that measured overall data protection
  • A more efficient and risk-based approach to related compliance initiatives

With Risk Fabric and DLP combined, the medical manufacturer realized widespread and lasting improvements to its overall data protection program.

This is a powerful and increasingly common DLP Optimization storyline that we see evolving among our customers every day.

For more details on this customer’s success with Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric, download the full case study.

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