Newsflash – there will never be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to addressing  enterprise security requirements.

At the same time, best practices shared among leading security practitioners will always shine a light on what’s working in terms of both emerging and proven techniques. To that end, building out capabilities that enable automated threat hunting and incident response is currently one of the most high-profile trends on the landscape.

Our Co-founder and CTO Ryan Stolte recently shared his thoughts on this very topic in a webcast hosted by Information Security Media Group.

To help enable these automated threat hunting workflows, it’s fundamentally important that leading technology providers work to integrate related technical capabilities. As a result, fostering the right mix of strategic partnerships remains a critical component of ensuring that Bay Dynamics is closely aligned with the numerous tools and technologies our customers employ to stay ahead of increasingly complex threats.

In particular, as a provider of advanced analytics that seek to integrate and visualize data streams sourced across existing security infrastructure, it’s crucial that our Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric solution is unified with every manner of system that will allow it to surface these threats –  no matter where they might originate across the endpoint, network and the cloud.

Today, our partner ecosystem has grown a little stronger with the announcement that we’ve formalized our partnership with Carbon Black, one of the leading next-gen antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) vendors in the world.

This strategic integration partnership makes it easier for security teams to employ Carbon Black and Risk Fabric in tandem to prioritize which endpoints represent the highest levels of risk and  move to mitigate attacks before they can fully execute. Combining EDR and behavioral analytics in this fashion directly enables security analysts, SOC teams and other stakeholders to operate more effectively and efficiently, optimizing resources and speeding response.

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric integrates with CB Defense and other sources to provide context around malicious behaviors and identify complex multi-stage threats.  Specific capabilities created via the integration include:

  • Automatic generation of timeframes of suspicious activities and their estimated security impacts, making it easier for analysts to pinpoint related exposures.
  • Stage-based, kill chain type threat visualization and interaction to enable mitigation at the most strategic point in time, before exploitation and data loss.
  • Centralized analysis and visualization across CB Defense and other platforms including authentication, CASB, DLP and web proxies, among others, to pinpoint attacks.

To see the integration of Risk Fabric and CB Defense in action, check out this video demo of the integration. You can find additional information about the effort here.

Our Co-founder and CTO Ryan Stolte has also shared additional insight on this partnership in a blog post on the Carbon Black Partner Perspectives blog: Blending Analytics with Endpoint Detection and Response Better Defends the Modern Worker.

Automation of Threat Hunting is an exciting evolution ongoing within our customer base that has been a long time in the making, from both a technical and methodological standpoint.

We’re excited to launch this partnership with Carbon Black and see how it helps continue to foster this innovation.

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