It isn’t very often that March Madness finds itself with two final four games going down to the buzzer.  There were tears and there were some game changing missed calls in this year’s showdown between arguably the top four teams in the NCAA.  We also saw some buzzer beaters over in the #Threat16 with some close calls in that final four lineup; Now, here’s the analysis…

Unseen Data Loss took on Multi-Stage Threat in the first game on Saturday night.  In another  match-up that not many people expected, much like the NCAAs [especially for me as UNC was actually supposed to smoke Virginia tonight] we were faced with another “no one wins when these guys win” scenario.  At the end of the day though, Unseen Data Loss is a tough one to get over and their defense just barely outdid Multi-Stage threat.

The “Unseen” in “Unseen data loss” remains the ultimate deal breaker. If you can’t see it, you can’t stop it, point blank.  Just like you can’t stop a free throw shooter [Virginia] from winning the game – even if they should never have had the opportunity to shoot if the refs had their eyes open [double dribble much?].

The second game of the evening was less of a nail biter as Information Centric Analytics (ICA) stole the show at the end to seal the deal against Platform Integration.  Just like Texas Tech, with or without their star forward, ICA is the complete solution [team package]. ICA, powered by Bay Dynamics, is delivered to Symantec customers via a dedicated OEM partnership between our two companies.

Further integrating cyber-security platforms such as DLP, CASB, endpoint and email security tools, etc. sits at the core of today’s emerging data security best practices.  Much like court vision, a reliant shot, solid defense, and knowledgeable coaching set Texas Tech apart from Michigan State on Saturday night, ICA is set apart from Platform Integration through its standing as a complete solution that drives this integration.

ICA’s analytics represent a huge opportunity to take integrated platform data [such as the output of the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) platform] and translate that exceedingly rich stream into tactical workflows that IR analysts, SOC experts, data protection stakeholders and other security teams can utilize effectively on a daily basis to prevent data exfiltration.  These statistics and much more are pretty darn similar to the traits that give Texas Tech the edge in predictions  made for Monday night’s NCAA title match-up against Virginia.

So there you have it, a showdown for the ages awaits us. It’s ICA versus Unseen Data Loss. Can you guess who will win out?

As always, follow us this week to stay up to date on the hype that is #Threat16 and tune in tomorrow to find out who wins the cyber-security national championship.

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