Redemption.  Remember that word? The University of North Carolina claimed it back in 2017, and we thought we would share it with our ACC brethren Virginia this year after they got knocked out in the first-round last season (OK, so, that wasn’t really the plan here in Chapel Hill, but...).

This year’s overtime thriller will certainly be remembered for years to come, and so we think shall the #Threat16. The penultimate Threat16 cyber-security showdown tipped off late last night, and here’s what you missed.

Front runners Information Centric Analytics (ICA) and Unseen Data Loss literally tore through the competition and “tore up” many people’s brackets in the process of making their respective Threat16 runs, just like Virginia and Texas Tech in the NCAA tournament. It was a battle for the ages as one of the most complex and pervasive security challenges, Unseen Data Loss, faced off against one of the most innovative and unique approaches to cyber-security analysis, investigation and response, ever invented – Symantec ICA, powered by Bay Dynamics. Can you guess who won?

Unlike last night’s NCAA match-up, this match-up did not go into overtime. The unfortunate truth is that despite our best efforts, in many cases numerous techniques competing in the threat bracket still prevail. Insider Threats, Targeted Attacks, and even Known Malware very often still evade detection. Multi-stage Threats remain extremely difficult to stamp out and they continue to evolve, often employing Social Engineering and Compromised Users.

Over on the other side, in the solutions bracket, despite many of the incredible and powerful tools deployed to stop attacks – from Standalone DLP, use of Distributed Dashboards and even highly difficult and effective Platform Integration – many times Unseen Data Loss still prevails. The truth is that no solution will ever stop everything in terms of threats, and progress is being made every day, but we could only have one winner standing at the end of our “contest”.

It should come as no surprise that, in this particular fight, we think ICA has the best chance of helping practitioners to win on an everyday basis. While some threats will always sneak through the cracks, the ability of ICA’s advanced analytics to translate integrated platform data into clear visibility and automated actions represents a tremendous step forward.

From optimizing standalone DLP and other tooling to head off multi-stage threats and other persistent tactics before Unseen Data Loss can occur, we contend that ICA is the best solution out there to help post a W in today’s environment.

While ICA is big on automation, the biggest intangible it provides in terms of benefits is the intrinsic ability to make the most of available human analysts, or in sports terms, to rely on a Cavaliers-like throwback style of play – methodical offense [get proactive], lunch-pail defense [optimize controls] and take advantage of rosters long on experience [cover more ground with your existing talent].

OK, so we’re more than a little biased, and you could even argue that this entire “showdown” was, ahem, fixed. However, if you don’t believe us, check out one of our customer success stories, watch a video of ICA in action, or schedule a demo today.

That’s it, cut the nets down, ICA reigns supreme in this year’s Threat16 bracket challenge. We hope you enjoyed it! See you next year?

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