With the NBA draft upcoming tomorrow, our #CyberDraft2019 series is back to help you find the Zion Williamson of cybersecurity and configure your team and to make a title run like the 2018-19 Toronto Raptors.

The solutions we’ve shared with you thus far via social media are all fantastic tools, but they still have their challenges, primarily in working together (hello non-Raptors). Just like we saw in this year’s NBA finals, having top tier players on their own cannot win games (but dang Steph is golden) – you need to have the ultimate combination of skills, and, importantly, get those talents to mesh together at just the right time.

Yet, drafting the ultimate team player can bring your team to the next level, and that’s what makes the NBA Draft so exciting each year. In this year’s #CyberDraft2019 DLP, EDR, and Cloud Security are top tier draft picks and very likely to get picked in the top ten, but here is why none are 100% champions in their own right:

DLP is an amazing team player  because of its in-depth visibility into where sensitive data lives along with its ability to create policies that directly reflect business requirements.  DLP’s ability to carry out multi-channeled data protection requirements across multiple areas of IT, and thereby help control data in the modern enterprise, makes it a lot like a big man  that can dribble, shoot, and play defense all at once. (we see you Mr. Davis and Mr. Antetokounmpo).

But, just like any NBA great, DLP is unable to defend everyone on the court at the same time. DLP produces large volumes of data for analysts to analyze, making it difficult for security teams to identify threats and prioritize response.. So, even when you’ve got DLP deployed on your team, it’s still  imperative to invest in other  players that can enable it to take the team to the next level.

On the other side of the court, EDR is the ultimate cybersecurity teammate.  EDR is like the stud forward that can shoot the lights out and play insane defense – uh, Kahwi Leonard anyone???  EDR’s advanced protection against emerging endpoint-borne threats checks a lot of boxes but, on its own, lacks visibility into key threat determinates such as user behavior and  data in motion.  For this reason, EDR is “a”   top draft pick, but not “the” top pick this year because it  mostly excels in its own sphere of influence.

Given cloud migration, cloud security is another important element of any team, just like any standout player on the court.  Cloud security is known for its visibility into cloud data and activity, just like some point guards are known for their uncanny court vision.  However, visibility into cloud data usage is not enough to win the game, just like a point guard that can’t shoot the trey consistently .

In the end, our top pick is that ultimate player that brings all these other contenders  (EDR, Cloud Security, and DLP) together to fight for the win.  This is the type of player that leads the pack, helps run the team, scores and plays defense in a way that would make any squad noticeably  better. Perhaps most like a certain LA Laker?

Zion Williamson is almost certainly the number one draft pick of the NBA draft this year because he is “uniquely built, uniquely explosive, and uniquely nimble” (CBS Sports).  As a shooter and a difference maker on both ends of the court, there is no other person with the height and weight on the planet that can perform like Zion in this year’s crop of talented selections.

In the same sense, Risk Fabric is the Zion of #cybersecurity. The solution’s unique analytics and machine learning capabilities turn all the other top talents, and truly all of your organization’s existing security infrastructure – including your all-important human “players”, into potential hall of famers.

By integrating data from every form of security platform, providing advanced behavioral analytics, visualizing and the prioritizing threats and informing subsequent remediation actions, Risk Fabric is that Kahwi/LeBron/MJ-like presence that delivers maximum results in the most challenging scenarios, helping you bid for the title of cybersecurity excellence on a daily basis.

Now, who doesn’t want someone that has that capability on their team?