Cyber Security & Risk Management

Quantifying the Business Impact of Cyber Risk

Cyber Security & Risk Management

Helping Organizations Identify and Act on the Risks that Matter Most
With a Cyber Analytics and UEBA Platform for Measurement, Analysis,
Remediation, and Reporting
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5 Case Studies: Exploring How Bay Dynamics Customers Use Risk Fabric® to Reduce Cyber Risk

Bay Dynamics provides a software platform that calculates the value at risk based on specific threats and vulnerabilities detected in the enterprise environment. The platform, Risk Fabric®, prioritizes remediation actions by those that most significantly reduce the financial impact of cyber risk, and measures how much risk was removed from the business from actions taken.

Risk Fabric ®

A Cyber Risk Analytics platform
Risk Fabric enables stakeholders across the business to prioritize their remediation activities and direct their limited resources at the risks that matter most.

Risk Fabric serves as the centerpiece of a sustainable cyber risk management program by integrating the four crucial aspects of cyber risk:

User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA)

Proprietary, algorithm-based user and entity behavior analytics to detect insider and outsider threat events such as abuse of privilege, dangerous web activity, malware and data exfiltration

IT Business Context

Engages line-of-business application owners to qualify threat alert events before they are sent to incident responders

IT Asset Value

Prioritized threat and vulnerability information based on the value of the impacted asset and potential of a compromise

Vulnerability Data

Prioritized vulnerability information from all means of application testing, penetration testing and audit findings delivered to line-of-business application owners responsible for remediation

Leading global companies use Bay Dynamics to manage their cyber security and risk.


User Behavior Analytics Security Solution Provider of the Year: Winner


Comcast Wins for Cyber Value at Risk Powered by Risk Fabric


Most Innovative Risk Management Solution: Winner


Cool Vendor in Security Intelligence


Top 100 of Cybersecurity 500 list of companies to watch in 2017, 2016 & 2015


2016 Security Products and Solutions for Finance and Banking: Gold Winner

2015 Security Products and Solutions for Finance and Banking: Bronze Winner

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