Billions of dollars are spent on cybersecurity, yet breaches still happen.

It’s time for a new approach  to threat protection.

Billions of dollars are spent on cybersecurity, yet breaches still happen.


Bay Dynamics® empowers enterprises with actionable intelligence by detecting threats across users, applications, and assets. Know what’s happening, know why it matters, and know what to do - before the problem strikes.

Risk Fabric ®

A Predictive Security Analytics Platform
As people are interacting within your systems, existing security tools collect and log these events. Our patented platform, Risk Fabric®, dynamically characterizes the relevant data and brings context through real-time user behavior and analysis, automatically identifying potential threats before they occur and determining the right course of action.

Designed to work across industries, Risk Fabric specializes in these evolving security scenarios:

Insider Threat

Someone inside your organization is misusing or leaking information.

Outsider Threat

Someone outside your organization is seeking to gain protected information.

Attack Surface Threat

Proactively identify and protect your most valuable and vulnerable assets.

High Privilege Access Threat

Proactively provide cyber counterintelligence for high privilege accounts and high risk users.

See immediate proof of value when you try our Threat Detector.

Leading global companies use Bay Dynamics to protect against today’s evolving cyber threats.


2015 Cyber Defense Magazine Award for Best Risk Management Product


In the Top 100 of Cybersecurity 500 list of companies to watch in 2015


Gartner Cool Vendor 2014


Honorable mention in Gartner User Behavioral Analytics Market Guide

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